Awesome Cambodia

  • After almost a week of stay, I can say that Cambodia is a safe place to visit, the Cambodians are kind and respectful to each other.  I believed they really learnt their lesson after the Khmer Rouge regime destructed the entire country. One interesting fact is that you can find Lexus, Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes  everywhere in town even though they are classified as third class people.  And mode of delivery, is always COD  😉
  • The driving culture here a bit weird, drivers can simply U-Turn anywhere and any time  they want. Surprisingly, accident rate is low due to good understanding behaviour among drivers.
  • Places of interest includes the Independence Monument, Royal Palace, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Must Visit), Orussey Market (Shopping) and the most famous Angkot Wat (located at Siem Reap). So if you’re thinking going on holiday, Cambodia should be among the top in your list.Enjoy the pictures.

Places of Interest

Nalzarema Photograhy
All Rights Reserved 2011


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